Good Leaders: How do you scale up?

When you walk into a Jimmy John’s, do you think about the sink in the back that needs to be fixed? Dan relies on his business partner, Liz, for support as their company grows. "It's so much easier to open a business when you have someone you trust by your side," he says. As CEO of The Lambi Corporation, [...]

Good Leaders: How are you spreading your own message of goodness?

Steve and his team lead with goodness every day, and prove that goodness pays! What if all financial advisors selected clients based on their goodness, rather than the dollars in their portfolios? At Generation Group, Steve Blexrud and his team know that their best clients are people who care for their families above all else, drive for success, and are [...]

Good Leaders: What would make you reboot your life?

John and Cristina got engaged this month after crossing the finish line of Grandma's Marathon. Two years ago co-founder of OrangeBall Creative, John Gamades, lived through significant upheaval: he got divorced, became a single dad, and was launching his own company. “I'm grateful today, because the Good Leadership philosophy played a huge role in rebuilding who I am as [...]

Good Leaders: What makes you happy?

My team of (L to R) Ross Bernstein, Dan McGinty, me and Mark Jordahl won the Bobby Jones Classic Team Fashion award at the 24th Annual Knicker Open benefitting the Boys and Girls Club of the Twin Cities. This morning I'm happy. More so than other days. Because yesterday we hosted the Knicker Open charity golf tournament for [...]

Good Leaders: How far can we go together?

This weekend I saw Juan Pablo Montoya win the 99th running of the Indy 500. It was a bucket list experience with the help of some good friends. African proverb: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.  This weekend, three friends and I drove to Indianapolis, Indiana, on a [...]

Good leaders: What could you do with Knickers and Happy Hour?

Hall of Fame golfer Payne Stewart inspired the Knicker Open charity golf tournament, which began in 1992. In 1991, the late, great Payne Stewart won the United States Open golf tournament at Hazeltine National in great style. It was his fashion statement wearing knickers that sparked the philanthropic fire in custom clothier Kingford Bavender. As of today his [...]

Good Leaders: How are you promoting fairness?

Kelly Chatman is the Pastor of Redeemer Lutheran Church, in the Harrison Neighborhood of North Minneapolis. The Good Leadership Breakfast Series is celebrating another "first" next week: we are meeting on a THURSDAY!  If you decide to break out of your Friday morning habit, I guarantee you will be inspired. Here's why: The founders of America dreamed of [...]

Good Leaders: Where do you see a bright future around you?

Sun time in Arizona provided some luxurious R&R, and gave me an encouraging look into the future. Leisure travel is a luxury. It's an appropriate reward for working hard and building things. Last week I celebrated my 52nd birthday on an unusual spring break trip to Arizona. Normally, the desert sunshine in March is all I need for [...]

Good Leaders: What seems crazy to you?

Michael Anschel 'good crazy' adventurer and entrepreneur. Come hear him speak at the Good Leadership Breakfast this Friday. You gotta meet this guy. Michael Anschel is the speaker at the Good Leadership Breakfast this Friday. I hope you will join us because he's crazy. Beautifully, amazingly, awe-inspiringly crazy. Professionally, Michael is one of the most creative and outspoken [...]

Good Leaders: Who helped lift you to where you are today?

Lynn Casey, CEO of Padilla/CRT is the speaker at the 5th Anniversary of the Good Leadership Breakfast Series. Please join us this Friday. This Friday is the 5th Anniversary of the Good Leadership Breakfast. It's a dream come true. We host 250 people, 8 times a year to celebrate leaders who are positive role models for blending The Seven [...]