Good Leaders: Are you ready to receive?

Will you approach every day with an open heart, ready to receive the gifts offered to you? Gifts are incomplete until they have been received. This blog post is short and pointed.  As the holidays draw near, I'm asking you to consider this question deeply: What is the greatest gift you have ever received? Good leaders thrive because they [...]

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Good Leaders: Who is on your breakfast plate?

Lynn Casey, CEO of Padilla CRT is my favorite "boss" ever. She will kick off our 5th Anniversary Good Leadership Breakfast, February 20, 2015. Just as our bodies are shaped by what we eat, our character grows by the goodness of the people around us. Fear has a lot to do with feeling alone. Hope is fueled by [...]

Good Leaders: What spirit is growing in your company?

The Goodness Committee at MPX organized a food drive as a way to engage customers and the community in doing good. The internet gave bloggers like me a 'voice' because it's free to "publish" via WordPress. We no longer need to send something off to the printer. That's good for humanity unless you own a printing company. The [...]

Good Leaders: Are you ready for a good Food Fight?

When Bluto yelled "Food Fight" in the movie Animal House, the Faber College cafeteria spontaneously erupted in sloppy wasteful fun. When I hear the words: "Food Fight" I smirk with memories of watching John Belushi in the movie Animal House. His character "Bluto" ignited an Ivy League riot in the cafeteria of Faber College. Years later, I yelled [...]

Good Leaders: What helps you feel grounded?

No husband likes wrapping presents for his wife's birthday more than me. Early Sunday morning I was eagerly digging through the gift-wrapping bins in our laundry room. My heart was light and I was happy - enjoying the adventure of searching for just the right ribbon. Perhaps this was the start to perfect day? Nobody likes her own [...]

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Good Leaders: What’s your next chapter?

Leonard Segal (center) was the big winner of the Bucket of Good Will last Friday. Mark Bergman (left) matched the $4471 raised so Leonard could donate $8942 to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. Total donations now exceed $105,000. Chapter one ended last Friday.  Five years ago this month, Melinda and I started our own business. Batz Enterprises was [...]

Good Leaders: Are you ready to enjoy rare air?

Tony Sanneh (#22) is a World Cup soccer hero who returned to his roots in St. Paul, Minnesota to build a foundation for kids. He is the speaker at the Good Leadership Breakfast this Friday. Across a crowded business celebration last Thursday, a tall handsome character stood out because he was radiating magnetic energy. He responded to my [...]

Good Leaders: What good could you create with $100,000?

The face of the US $100,000 bill, Woodrow Wilson, will be smiling big on October 17, when we exceed $100,000 in the total contributions from the Bucket of Good Will. Last week, the Minnesota Twins' best baseball pitcher turned down an opportunity to pitch one more inning to receive a $500,000 bonus. With this simple statement, he shined [...]

Good Leaders: How are you shaping yourself today?

This Dr. Seuss title is a popular graduation gift and a effective reminder for good leaders. "We become the sum-total of the people we hang out with and the books we read," counseled Tim Schmidt, my co-author of the What Really Works book. Tim and his son Jonathan were the speakers at the Good Leadership Breakfast on August [...]

Good Leaders: What do you miss if you don’t show up?

Season Tickets are on sale today for the Good Leadership Breakfast - don't miss out! Through many years of coaching leaders there is one ever-present theme: There never seems to be enough time to get everything done: work life, home life, spiritual life, exercise and sleep? It's gnawing at all of us. That's why I think our ideas [...]