Good Leaders: Are you making plans to live past 90 years?

In 2015, the American Sociological Society did a study that determined something really amazing. They answered this question: What is the #1 predictor that someone today will live past 90 years? The answer...

Good Leaders: How are you stretching your vision?

A dream come true for my wife and business partner, Melinda, and me. The Seven Fs Executive Retreat, February 2016. When was the last time you actually had healthy nerves in your stomach and spine-tingling anticipation, because you put your vision out there to be tested? Seven years ago, I promised my business partner and wife – Melinda [...]

Good Leaders: What makes you happy?

My team of (L to R) Ross Bernstein, Dan McGinty, me and Mark Jordahl won the Bobby Jones Classic Team Fashion award at the 24th Annual Knicker Open benefitting the Boys and Girls Club of the Twin Cities. This morning I'm happy. More so than other days. Because yesterday we hosted the Knicker Open charity golf tournament for [...]

Good Leaders: What makes you feel humble and small?

Lovely day in Oxford, England. Working on the Seven Fs, visiting the iconic Radcliffe Camera with family. Oxford University is a glorious oxymoron: an historic icon of radical forward thinking. This week I'm in the UK exploring my Seven Fs. The first part of the trip is visiting family in Oxford then off to a golfing pilgrimage to [...]

Good Leaders: What’s your favorite leadership word?

Michael Anschel showed his Seven Fs Wheel at the Good Leadership Breakfast to demonstrate his "exuberance" for his craft. Every so often, I hear a new concept about leadership that stops me in my tracks. Surprisingly, not until Michael Anschel last week had I heard a leader use the word "exuberance" as a catalyst for success. What fun! Michael [...]

Good Leaders: Do you chose love or fear?

I miss Tiger Woods. Can he learn to love himself again?Photo: Sam Greenwood, Getty Images. I miss Tiger Woods. Two weeks ago, Tiger removed himself from competition on the PGA Tour because in his own words: his golf is not acceptable for tournament play.  That's a blinding glimpse of the obvious. He hasn't been a up to his own [...]

Good Leaders: What helps you feel grounded?

No husband likes wrapping presents for his wife's birthday more than me. Early Sunday morning I was eagerly digging through the gift-wrapping bins in our laundry room. My heart was light and I was happy - enjoying the adventure of searching for just the right ribbon. Perhaps this was the start to perfect day? Nobody likes her own [...]

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Good Leaders: Who’s coaching you?

Rory Mcllroy just won The British Open Championship in golf. He has a coach: who's coaching you? Rory Mcllroy won the British Open Championship two days ago. The American League won the All-Star Game last week and Germany won the World Cup two weeks ago. The one thing all of these world-class athletes have in common is good [...]

What masterpiece have you enjoyed lately?

Bandon Dunes in Oregon is an architectural wonder. An icon of excellence for golfers. Carnegie Hall. The Mona Lisa. Bandon Dunes on the Oregon Coast. True masterpieces inspire pilgrimage, because the allure of excellence is too magnetic to resist. And we're intrigued by the idea that lingering in the presence of greatness might change our soul. Last week [...]

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