Get to know Patience Ferguson – an HR role model who radiates goodness!

How do organizations thrive? Patience Ferguson knows. She's the Chief Human Resources Officer of the City of Minneapolis. If you attend the Good Leadership Breakfast this week, you will understand what makes the City of Lakes thrive. Will you join us?

Where is the joy in your job?

Beach balls added to the party on stage at the Good Leadership Conference. Butterflies and beach balls seldom occupy the same airspace: one seeks safety and calm and the other likes a party.  We had both last Friday at the Good Leadership Conference. The Green Room in any theater is the one place of calm before the production [...]

Do the butterflies bring out the magic in you?

How do you respond to the butterflies in your they bring out the best in you? All good things in any enterprise emanate from the precise moment customers become happy. As leaders, we need to embrace the butterflies in our stomachs as the fuel to produce excellence.  Because that's what customers expect, and it makes them happy. [...]

Did you know you are addicted to insight?

Ajay Gupta radiates goodness by promoting fairness consistently throughout his personal and professional life. One of the most powerful articles I've read lately is The Neuroscience of Leadership, by David Rock and Jeffrey Schwartz. It is a classic because they articulate why we are addicted to following certain leaders: those who consistently produce 'insight' in our lives. Adults [...]

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