Good Leaders: What’s on your Bucket List?

This past Sunday, I shared a delightful conversation with my 80-years-young mother about her Bucket List. What I learned from her was amazing.

Good Leaders: How do you rebuild your confidence?

We all know what it feels like to get knocked down and have the urge to quit. Good Leaders help each other get back up and find our confidence again. We always get back up. Every good leader knows what it is like to face failure of some form or another: when we get knocked down, we always [...]

Good Leaders: Is the Intelligent Optimist on your summer reading list?

This magazine is now at the top of my required reading list: refreshing, energizing and inspiring to the Good Leadership movement. A cynical society recovering from a meltdown of public trust may be tempted to consider the two words: "Intelligent Optimist" an oxymoron. Or at least incompatible. But even the "equal opportunity skeptics" in our client base have [...]

Good Leaders: What’s on the Top of Your Summer Reading List?

This free eBook, features the best 31 of my first 200 blogs - inspiration for your summer reading. Today is the official launch of my sixth book project: Good Leadership Today. It’s an interactive eBook: designed in full color, with live links and video – featuring the best of my weekly Good Leadership blogs. And it's FR**! Here’s [...]

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