Good Leaders: Why do you volunteer?

"I've discovered I feel so much better about myself when I spend time helping others," the man quoted in the article professed. It's the law of Karma, and reciprocity: when we put out helping energy into the world, it comes back to us in amazing ways. At Good Leadership Enterprises, we believe goodness pays. We call helping others: living generously. And I know it pays.

Good Leaders: How are you living your mission?

With two toddlers and a recent promotion, Sara Koch’s life as a good leader is sometimes overwhelming. At Lutheran Social Service, Sara oversees seniors who volunteer to support other seniors and children around the Twin Cities. One day, Sara asked one of those volunteers, an elderly woman from the Soviet Union, what motivates her.

Good Leaders: How could a new weekly routine help you?

Elizabeth Grande is asking you: When was the last time you completed a Seven Fs Wheel? Elizabeth is a Sales Specialist at Thomson Reuters and a Bikram yoga instructor, and she recommends using the Seven Fs Wheel weekly. “It helps me match my time, money, and effort with my values and goals.”

Good Leaders: Are you creating the life you want?

Stephanie Franciscus took our Personal Visioning exercise seriously – and she’s on fire. As the Director of Sales Effectiveness at Medica, Stephanie was a star graduate of the Good Leadership Training program this spring. She’s someone who role models positivity and is always working to improve her Seven Fs Wheel, explaining: “I owe it to myself to create the life I want.”

Good Leaders: Who is helping you reach the next level?

We all have a vision for our lives; some more vivid than others. Whether peering into our 80's, 50's or 30's, we are all imagining a richer, happier existence filled with new possibilities and goodness. But nothing significant ever happens alone - who is helping you reach the next level?

Good Leaders: How are you Rewarding Excellence?

Join us for a special Good Leadership Breakfast at the PENworks 2016 Conference on April 19. I sent this blog with nervous anticipation: we changed the blog delivery system with "excellence" in mind. Depending on your device, you are either reading this in simplicity...or you are frustrated with our execution. Excellence requires training The ability to make significant change [...]

Good Leaders: Who do you feel accountable to?

  Click on the image to view the digital flipbook version of our 2015 Annual Report. I feel accountable to you. As a reader of this blog, you invest your time because on some level you believe it makes you a better leader. And through the lens of the Seven, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun and future...maybe [...]

Good Leaders: How are you helping others grow?

The Good Leadership Training class of 2015 celebrated on the stage at the Good Leadership Breakfast. My joy multiplies when we help people grow. Especially when we help leaders grow. Today, I am especially grateful for a partnership with Jessica Larson at the Center for Diagnostic Imaging. She and I have partnered for more than five years to [...]

Good Leaders: What’s your plan to help yourself grow?

Here’s a compelling thought for the new year: adults only grow if they want to grow. This is particularly true for people who have a strong roof over their heads, steady finances, and the admiration of family and friends. We are comfortable...and we only grow outside our comfort zones if we really want to! By now you know, one of [...]

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