Good Leaders: Who is teaching you?

Learning something new is good! The Good Leadership team went Curling for the holidays. Who would have thought learning Curling could be so much fun?! The Good Leadership team joyfully discovered the ancient sport of Curling last week. More important: just as air, water and a good night's rest are important...we were all reminded how important learning something new is to [...]

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Good Leaders: Will you sign The Goodness Pledge?

The Goodness Pledge is one way for us to help you stay positive throughout the twists and turns of your leadership. Have you ever looked back on something really fun and inspiring and asked yourself: What just happened? Last week was another mountain-peak episode on the Good Leadership journey. Three specific things are creating happiness and optimism about how goodness [...]

Good Leaders: What are you building around you?

The Good Leadership Coaching team "selfie" - after a training retreat at Madden's Resort on Minnesota's Gull Lake. Nothing significant ever happens alone. In other words: the #1 reason entrepreneurs stall is the failure to build a team who can lift the business to the next level. Today, I am savoring the time spent with a collection of gifted [...]

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Good Leaders: How do you lead through influence?

Heidi Humphrey wants to make sure her kids understand the impact of their mom’s work. Along with teaching life lessons early, Heidi stays connected to her family by being active. Here she is with family and friends at the Color Run! Heidi is the Director of Client Experience at U.S. Bank, and when each of her daughters turned [...]

Good Leaders: What is your liberating mindset?

If you ask Albert how to get to Carnegie Hall, he might say practice...or he might just say, radiate goodness! Most people would think that founding a nationally recognized, award-winning singing group would be the pinnacle of a career. Most people are not Albert Jordan. Albert wanted to make sure music was always a source of joy, and never [...]

Good Leaders: How are you navigating uncertainty?

Julie Mattson radiates goodness by focusing on being her whole self at work and at home. Julie Mattson has a tough job: she’s an HR manager at Katun Corporation; a company in the uncertainty of a CEO search. Her goals are to make sure that employees feel supported and receive clear communication. Achieving those goals requires fairness and positivity; [...]

Good Leaders: How are you diversifying your perspectives?

Amy Smith seeks opportunities to broaden her perspective. Here she is with school children in the Dominican Republic. Tunnel vision. That's what often happens for leaders who have been with one company, in one field, or in one community for a long time. Amy Smith, director of sales at Lifetouch Portrait Studios, knew that she needed to shake [...]

Good Leaders: Who helps you grow?

George Broostin posed with me at the Good Leadership Training graduation ceremonies. What a handsome guy! The theme for my summer blogs this year is growth: I love watching people grow. At Good Leadership Enterprises our business is to accelerate growth in good leaders. Over the next ten weeks you will meet people who are radiating goodness every [...]

Good Leaders: How do you guarantee you will “think out of the box?”

The beaches of Del Mar, California present the perfect setting for a leadership retreat. It's easy to find fresh energy walking along the crashing surf. "Thinking out of the box" is one of my favorite cliches. It makes me chuckle like a good Dilbert cartoon! Isn't "thinking out of the box" just another way to say we need creativity in our leadership?  Recently my [...]

Good Leaders: How freely do you give trust?

This selfie was taken at the moment of lift-off on my first hot air balloon ride. The adventure above San Diego County was an exceptional trust-building exercise for leaders. Last week could have been the perfect winter week for me: facilitating a leadership retreat in southern California, walking Del Mar beach every morning, checking off one of my [...]

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