Good Leaders: How do you stay healthy?

This image cracks me up: he's my Hot Yoga hero. How I yearn for a flat belly again! I'm finally feeling better today, thank you. Why is that important? I resumed my Hot Yoga routine as part of my commitment to improve my fitness. Here's the insight: it took me a week to feel better after the super-intense [...]

What makes you feel wimpy?

How often do the words 'weak, ineffective and timid' describe how you feel? When we feel wimpy, we need to stick together. How often do the words: weak, ineffective and timid describe how you feel about yourself? Webster uses that combination to describe the term "wimp."  It's OK.  In the spirit of authentic's not wimpy to admit [...]

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How do your challenges fuel your growth?

Like this frog, we are all brilliantly gifted and amazingly flawed. Sometimes learning is harshly Darwinian.  Species over time either get stronger, wiser and more resilient, or they succumb to threats and predators. The simple truth: if we don't embrace our challenges, we set our own trap. I love this frog picture. Every time I see it, I [...]

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What causes you to think about CaringBridge?

Who knew popcorn would cause me to think of Caring Bridge? Don't you just love popcorn? It's one of the food groups I simply can't resist. But what if it made you sick?  Really sick? I dread the situations that cause me to think about know, the web site which connects people who are seriously ill with [...]