Good Leaders: Is it Time for Your Bucket List?

On Father's Day weekend in 1999, I made the commitment to become and author. I created an outline and wrote the first 2000 words while flying from Minneapolis to London to visit my sister Liesl. When that first book, Inspire, Persuade, Lead was published, I decided that writing a Best-Seller book someday was on my Bucket List.

Who lifted you up to where you are today?

In 1999, I celebrated Father's Day in a London pub near Kensington Palace, guest of my sister Liesl who was living in the shadow of the Queen Mum.  We attended Wimbledon and toured castles on the weekend.  I spent the weekdays huddled in her South Kensington flat, working on my first book: Inspire, Persuade, Lead (Beaver's Pond Press). Milt [...]