Good Leaders: How are you celebrating today?

On Black Friday, we hosted a winter tailgating party to celebrate the lighting of this 52 foot-tall pine tree in our front yard. 6,000 lights of joy! While most of America was wrestling for Black Friday deals, the Batz family was hosting a winter tailgating-party in Minnesota. Yep...we decided to party during the wintry, sunset hours in our front [...]

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Good Leaders: Are you a source of positivity today?

Positivity is catalytic for good leadership. Today, let's examine the timeless cliché - glass half-empty or half-full? The glass of water is an effective discussion starter about the power of attitude on life and leadership. We are commonly taught half-empty is a 'negative' point of view, and half-full is 'positive.' All rhetoric aside - half a glass of water is always [...]

Good Leaders: What is your mood today?

Justin Hanratty, CEO of Hanratty Associates, will inspire new growth in you. What is the most important decision we make every day as leaders? To be happy. I'm really happy to introduce you to Justin Hanratty - the closing speaker for the Spring 2015 Good Leadership Breakfast Series. He's a bright young husband, father and CEO, who is creating [...]

Good Leaders: What are you celebrating this week?

This week we are celebrating National Small Business Week in America. And we are hosting a Business Owner Forum on May 29, 2015. This week Americans are celebrating National Small Business Week! As I gaze into my own bloodline, I see a steady stream of business owners: farmers, a funeral home, a newspaper, a florist, a diversity and [...]

Good Leaders: Who is on your breakfast plate?

Lynn Casey, CEO of Padilla CRT is my favorite "boss" ever. She will kick off our 5th Anniversary Good Leadership Breakfast, February 20, 2015. Just as our bodies are shaped by what we eat, our character grows by the goodness of the people around us. Fear has a lot to do with feeling alone. Hope is fueled by [...]

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