Good Leaders: Are you a ‘pump’ or a ‘drain’ today?

HealthPartners senior executive Calvin Allen shared his ideas on goodness at the September 2014 Good Leadership Breakfast. HealthPartners senior executive Calvin Allen captivated the room of 245 leaders at the Good Leadership Breakfast last Friday with this idea: "Are you a pump or a drain?"  The pump fills people with hope and energy to help them grow and [...]

Good Leaders: What reminds you to care for yourself?

Try a Fitbit to jump start your fitness journey...and work off the 4th of July BBQ. With the 4th of July holiday this week, the gluttony has already begun with backyard BBQs and World Cup viewing parties. Usually my beer belly would be growing. But fortunately it's not growing as much this year...because I joined the "Fitbit Nation." [...]

What does Happy New Year look like for you today?

28 years ago today, I drove myself to my first real job in downtown Minneapolis. Anna Batz just drove off to her final year of high school. Twenty eight years ago today, I drove my 1981 red Honda Accord into downtown Minneapolis to start the first day of my professional career. I was 22 years old...and that first 'real [...]

How are you growing today?

When you take a good look at yourself, how are you growing today? Grow or die. Eat or be food. Time always moves the ageless Darwinian question when you look in the mirror: How are you growing today? I fancy myself as an inspirational leadership coach. Part of my own growth has been the commitment to produce [...]

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What was amazing about your weekend?

Our daughter, Kathryn Anne Batz, graduated Summa Cum Laude, from Gustavus Adolphus College this past Sunday. What an amazing day! When students graduate from New York University, the ceremony is held at Yankee Stadium. That's the second coolest place in America to hold graduation.  Hollingsworth Field, in St. Peter, Minnesota is the coolest. That was confirmed again this [...]

How’s the weather in your mailbox today?

March Madness: The snow is smothering my 50th birthday. So I went to the beach. March madness has overwhelmed my home.  No, not the NCAA basketball's the crazy weather this year.  As I get older, I get more intense about asking...When will the snow go away!? Last week, as I trudged through a new blanket of snow, [...]

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