Good Leaders: Who needs you to be a better leader?

By now, you know our firm, Good Leadership Enterprises, works with visionary CEOs, business owners and community leaders to grow their enterprises with good leadership. That means we provide business transformation projects, leadership development partnering, and inspirational programs. If you are inspired by the breakfasts or this blog, that’s wonderful! But that’s not enough.

Good Leaders: Will you watch my TEDx Talk?

The purple jacket was the perfect statement for my first TEDx Talk - Superheros Rescue: Good Leaders Spark Goodness. TED Talks are game-changers for aspiring thought-leaders like me. In April, I did my first "TED talk" - I was the opening speaker at TEDx Gustavus. You can watch my Superheros Rescue: Good Leaders Spark Goodness video below. It's [...]

Good Leaders: What’s the biggest project of your life?

This IT executive team met in Chicago last week to plan the biggest project of their careers. My colleague, Peter, and I are grateful to be involved. Over the course of a career, every leader looks back and sees one particular project as the biggest project of their life.  So, how would you lead differently if you knew [...]

Good Leaders: How are you inflicting pain today?

Sometimes good leadership inflicts pain on people when we create significant change. Today, I'm causing some of my own pain. A physician leader we coach was confronted with data he didn’t like. He fancied his entrepreneurial status as a practice area leader. “I didn’t get into medicine to play everything by the book,” he grunted. “Sometimes my intimate [...]

Good Leaders: Will you dance with me?

This silly, grainy, homemade video is about how followers help leaders create a movement. Will you dance with me? Maybe you've seen this 3 minute video: A mostly naked man begins to dance freely in an open field during a Woodstock-style concert. He looks partly drunk and mostly silly...until someone else joins him. Within a minute, there's an unchoreographed [...]

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Good Leaders: How are you navigating uncertainty?

Julie Mattson radiates goodness by focusing on being her whole self at work and at home. Julie Mattson has a tough job: she’s an HR manager at Katun Corporation; a company in the uncertainty of a CEO search. Her goals are to make sure that employees feel supported and receive clear communication. Achieving those goals requires fairness and positivity; [...]

Good Leaders: What is your mood today?

Justin Hanratty, CEO of Hanratty Associates, will inspire new growth in you. What is the most important decision we make every day as leaders? To be happy. I'm really happy to introduce you to Justin Hanratty - the closing speaker for the Spring 2015 Good Leadership Breakfast Series. He's a bright young husband, father and CEO, who is creating [...]

Good Leaders: What makes you feel humble and small?

Lovely day in Oxford, England. Working on the Seven Fs, visiting the iconic Radcliffe Camera with family. Oxford University is a glorious oxymoron: an historic icon of radical forward thinking. This week I'm in the UK exploring my Seven Fs. The first part of the trip is visiting family in Oxford then off to a golfing pilgrimage to [...]

Good Leaders: How are you promoting fairness?

Kelly Chatman is the Pastor of Redeemer Lutheran Church, in the Harrison Neighborhood of North Minneapolis. The Good Leadership Breakfast Series is celebrating another "first" next week: we are meeting on a THURSDAY!  If you decide to break out of your Friday morning habit, I guarantee you will be inspired. Here's why: The founders of America dreamed of [...]

Good Leaders: What’s your favorite leadership word?

Michael Anschel showed his Seven Fs Wheel at the Good Leadership Breakfast to demonstrate his "exuberance" for his craft. Every so often, I hear a new concept about leadership that stops me in my tracks. Surprisingly, not until Michael Anschel last week had I heard a leader use the word "exuberance" as a catalyst for success. What fun! Michael [...]

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