Good Leaders: What seems crazy to you?

Michael Anschel 'good crazy' adventurer and entrepreneur. Come hear him speak at the Good Leadership Breakfast this Friday. You gotta meet this guy. Michael Anschel is the speaker at the Good Leadership Breakfast this Friday. I hope you will join us because he's crazy. Beautifully, amazingly, awe-inspiringly crazy. Professionally, Michael is one of the most creative and outspoken [...]

Good Leaders: What are your aspirations today?

Aspirations fuel our growth at age 4, 78 or 51. What are your aspirations? We all have aspirations. Big and small, near and long-term. The most common definition of "aspiration" is: a strong desire, longing, aim or ambition. Aspirations fuel our growth!  March holds so much promise Most midwesterners get fired up about the idea of "Florida in March." My colleague Erin [...]

Good Leaders: Who is helping you grow this year?

Happy new year! Who is coaching you as you grow this year? It's a cliche, but it's real.  The new year provides Five Hour Energy-type momentum and courage for most of us. Who doesn't like a fresh, clean start!? But who is helping you? The best of intentions often fade into the chaos of a good life. The [...]

Good Leaders: Who is on your breakfast plate?

Lynn Casey, CEO of Padilla CRT is my favorite "boss" ever. She will kick off our 5th Anniversary Good Leadership Breakfast, February 20, 2015. Just as our bodies are shaped by what we eat, our character grows by the goodness of the people around us. Fear has a lot to do with feeling alone. Hope is fueled by [...]

Good Leaders: What spirit is growing in your company?

The Goodness Committee at MPX organized a food drive as a way to engage customers and the community in doing good. The internet gave bloggers like me a 'voice' because it's free to "publish" via WordPress. We no longer need to send something off to the printer. That's good for humanity unless you own a printing company. The [...]

Good Leaders: Are you ready for a good Food Fight?

When Bluto yelled "Food Fight" in the movie Animal House, the Faber College cafeteria spontaneously erupted in sloppy wasteful fun. When I hear the words: "Food Fight" I smirk with memories of watching John Belushi in the movie Animal House. His character "Bluto" ignited an Ivy League riot in the cafeteria of Faber College. Years later, I yelled [...]

Good Leaders: Where are you sleeping tonight?

Community leader and photographer Cathy tenBroeke will share a message of hope about ending homelessness at the Good Leadership Breakfast this week. In the wealthiest country in the world, how is it possible more than 10,000 people in Minnesota won't have their own bed to sleep in tonight - and half of those are children!? Minnesota's Director for [...]

Good Leaders: Are we all living in the same movie?

What do you see as the major plot lines in the movie we all share? Watching time pass is something we all share. Years ago, I loved the idea of turning 30 - it made me feel more credible in the business world. Looking back, I can see my life playing out like a movie…part comedy, action-drama and [...]

Good Leaders: Who is the Robin Williams in your life?

My first introduction to the Carpe Diem: Sieze the day! phrase was a hair-raising scene in the movie Dead Poets Society. The voice was Robin Williams. By now we know he took his own life after battling depression and other difficult things. The Dark Room Perhaps the silver lining is a new level of awareness about Depression, Bipolar Disorder and [...]

Good Leaders: What helps you thrive?

What does this picture say to you?   90% of the participants in my workshops and keynote speaking engagements answer with the word "stress."  There's nothing like a frayed rope to make your stomach turn into a knot. Recently I heard another perspective: a bright and wise woman mused: "It says to me there's still hope!" Internet media mogul Arianna Huffington [...]