Good Leaders: What gets you off to a good start?

Lynn Casey and I shared a laugh together from center stage at the Good Leadership Breakfast Series. We asked her to speak at our 5th Anniversary celebration, because she radiates goodness, and she is a leader who decides to "be happy." Physicians preach the virtue of starting every day with a good breakfast. But I believe the most important [...]

Good Leaders: Who helped lift you to where you are today?

Lynn Casey, CEO of Padilla/CRT is the speaker at the 5th Anniversary of the Good Leadership Breakfast Series. Please join us this Friday. This Friday is the 5th Anniversary of the Good Leadership Breakfast. It's a dream come true. We host 250 people, 8 times a year to celebrate leaders who are positive role models for blending The Seven [...]

Good Leaders: Who is helping you grow this year?

Happy new year! Who is coaching you as you grow this year? It's a cliche, but it's real.  The new year provides Five Hour Energy-type momentum and courage for most of us. Who doesn't like a fresh, clean start!? But who is helping you? The best of intentions often fade into the chaos of a good life. The [...]

Good Leaders: Who is on your breakfast plate?

Lynn Casey, CEO of Padilla CRT is my favorite "boss" ever. She will kick off our 5th Anniversary Good Leadership Breakfast, February 20, 2015. Just as our bodies are shaped by what we eat, our character grows by the goodness of the people around us. Fear has a lot to do with feeling alone. Hope is fueled by [...]

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