Good Leaders: Why do you get away from your work?

While observing good leaders grow through the years I've noticed one thing that separates the best from the rest: Good leaders understand their "job" is more than just a job. It is a full mind-body-soul commitment to building something special. To maintain that level of commitment, the best leaders know how to get away to relax, refresh, and recharge the batteries.

Good Leaders: Have you planned your winter retreat?

Successful executives and business owners understand their “job” is more than a job. It’s a full mind, body and soul commitment to build something special. It takes an unwavering support system of family and friends to make it happen. And sometimes a restorative Seven Fs retreat is just what the doctor ordered!

Good Leaders: What brings you joy today?

This the easiest blog of the year to write because today is a big deal. Melinda and I are celebrating 30 years of marriage today. And that really brings me joy! On October 18, 1986, I didn't know how to think 30 years into the future. I was 23 years old, hoping to buy a house someday and start a family. I didn't know it then, but we were building a Seven Fs foundation.

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Good Leaders: How are you stretching your vision?

A dream come true for my wife and business partner, Melinda, and me. The Seven Fs Executive Retreat, February 2016. When was the last time you actually had healthy nerves in your stomach and spine-tingling anticipation, because you put your vision out there to be tested? Seven years ago, I promised my business partner and wife – Melinda [...]

Good leaders: What is on your horizon?

The horizon over the Pacific Ocean at Dana Point, California, inspired me to think ahead about my leadership. A trip to see the ocean this weekend helped me gaze into the future. Good timing: my wife and business partner, Melinda Batz, and I recently passed a significant milestone and we are embracing the question: What is on our horizon? [...]

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Good Leaders: What is your personal vision?

Melinda and I couldn't resist taking a selfie in front of the fake Christmas Tree at the Ritz Carlton, Dove Mountain resort in the desert near Tucson, Arizona, last week. Aspirations fuel growth. In other words, good leaders are motivated by the question: “Who do you want to be when you grow up?” This week, Melinda and I visited the [...]

Good Leaders: What are you celebrating this week?

This week we are celebrating National Small Business Week in America. And we are hosting a Business Owner Forum on May 29, 2015. This week Americans are celebrating National Small Business Week! As I gaze into my own bloodline, I see a steady stream of business owners: farmers, a funeral home, a newspaper, a florist, a diversity and [...]

Good Leaders: How do you clear your mind?

Sometimes I need to swing a hammer and create a big mess to clear my mind. What fun! I believe human beings were made to enjoy working hard and building things. Life is work, work is life! That's one of the reasons I tackle a home remodeling project every winter. White collar problems Many of you share my [...]

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Good Leaders: How freely do you give trust?

This selfie was taken at the moment of lift-off on my first hot air balloon ride. The adventure above San Diego County was an exceptional trust-building exercise for leaders. Last week could have been the perfect winter week for me: facilitating a leadership retreat in southern California, walking Del Mar beach every morning, checking off one of my [...]

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