Good Leaders: What makes you happy?

My team of (L to R) Ross Bernstein, Dan McGinty, me and Mark Jordahl won the Bobby Jones Classic Team Fashion award at the 24th Annual Knicker Open benefitting the Boys and Girls Club of the Twin Cities. This morning I'm happy. More so than other days. Because yesterday we hosted the Knicker Open charity golf tournament for [...]

Good leaders: What could you do with Knickers and Happy Hour?

Hall of Fame golfer Payne Stewart inspired the Knicker Open charity golf tournament, which began in 1992. In 1991, the late, great Payne Stewart won the United States Open golf tournament at Hazeltine National in great style. It was his fashion statement wearing knickers that sparked the philanthropic fire in custom clothier Kingford Bavender. As of today his [...]

How do your challenges fuel your growth?

Like this frog, we are all brilliantly gifted and amazingly flawed. Sometimes learning is harshly Darwinian.  Species over time either get stronger, wiser and more resilient, or they succumb to threats and predators. The simple truth: if we don't embrace our challenges, we set our own trap. I love this frog picture. Every time I see it, I [...]

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