Good Leaders: What did you do yesterday afternoon?

So, yesterday was anything but a normal day at the office. In the afternoon I was on TV at the local NBC studios talking with Pat Evans about The Bucket List Book. It's fun to be on TV! Pat's a great guy - someone who radiates goodness. Continue reading for a summary of the interview and watch the segment.

Good Leaders: Who sparks what’s possible in you?

Good leaders can look back on their lives and identify specific people, and specific moments when someone helped them see the possibilities in their leadership. For me, there have been several. One of the most significant conversations was with Mark Bergman. You may know him as the inventor of the HANDy Paint Pail. He sparked "what's possible" in me, and we wrote a book together.

Good Leaders: What makes you happy today?

'Tis the season to be jolly. Everywhere I go people are wishing one another happy something. Happy Hanukkah. Happy Holidays. Happy Christmas. Yesterday morning, a nice lady at Starbucks even said to me: "Happy Monday!" Yes, I am happy. Have you decided to be happy today?

Good Leaders: What are you building?

Nothing significant is ever accomplished alone. Healthy relationships are the bricks & mortar; steel & glass, of good leadership. And when the raw materials are glued together by good leaders who work together with good intentions...great things are possible! Four years ago, I sent an email to Kevin Warren, then chief legal counsel of the Minnesota Vikings, asking if he would be a speaker at the Good Leadership Breakfast...

Good Leaders: Who deserves “thank you” from you today?

Kevin Warren shared his personal story at the Good Leadership Breakfast, and he thanked me for the opportunity. Kevin Warren is an emotional guy. Some would say fiery. When telling his personal story he can cry at any moment from a place of love and gratitude. He can also be angry and frustrated like anyone else. "But I'm so [...]

Good Leaders: How do your hardships help you lead?

Kevin and Greta Warren (top left) ensure every student at the Lucy Laney school in Minneapolis have fully-stocked backpacks every year. When the students at Lucy Craft Laney Community School in Minneapolis started this fall, Kevin and Greta Warren made certain every child had a new backpack filled with the tools required to learn in school. It's a simple [...]

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