Good leaders: Where did you learn to live generously?

Patience Ferguson is at the top of the mountain in her peer group. As Chief Human Resources Officer at the City of Minneapolis, she has her dream job – one that she never expected to earn. She shared a passionate story of her journey to a full room at the Good Leadership Breakfast series last Friday. Here’s a sample of what she shared...

Get to know Patience Ferguson – an HR role model who radiates goodness!

How do organizations thrive? Patience Ferguson knows. She's the Chief Human Resources Officer of the City of Minneapolis. If you attend the Good Leadership Breakfast this week, you will understand what makes the City of Lakes thrive. Will you join us?

Good Leaders: How are you supporting equality?

As part of a leadership exercise at a 2015 Good Leadership Breakfast, the 350 professionals in the room brainstormed synonyms for fairness. A common suggestion was “equality”…and leaving that morning, I realized that I wasn’t fully practicing equality at the Breakfasts.

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