Good Leaders: How much of your fun comes from “work?”

Recently at a neighborhood social, I noticed how most people in the room were chiming-in about how hard they work - like a badge of honor. Even the guy who recently retired said, "I'm working harder now than ever...I have so many things I need to do!" So, I tried an experiment.

Good Leaders: How are you Rewarding Excellence?

Join us for a special Good Leadership Breakfast at the PENworks 2016 Conference on April 19. I sent this blog with nervous anticipation: we changed the blog delivery system with "excellence" in mind. Depending on your device, you are either reading this in simplicity...or you are frustrated with our execution. Excellence requires training The ability to make significant change [...]

Good Leaders: How are you inflicting pain today?

Sometimes good leadership inflicts pain on people when we create significant change. Today, I'm causing some of my own pain. A physician leader we coach was confronted with data he didn’t like. He fancied his entrepreneurial status as a practice area leader. “I didn’t get into medicine to play everything by the book,” he grunted. “Sometimes my intimate [...]

Good Leaders: Who reminds you of the fundamentals?

Yesterday, I introduced Big Ten Football Coach of the Year, Jerry Kill, at the PENWorks conference. Photo credit: Tami Ekstrand, Central Media Services Yesterday, I had the honor of introducing one of my contemporary heroes. University of Minnesota head football coach, Jerry Kill, was the keynote speaker at the PENWorks annual conference, produced by the Performance Excellence Network. [...]

Good Leaders: Who exudes excellence around you?

Coach Kill is the featured speaker at the PEN Works conference in April. You have a special offer to join me. Coaching helps produce excellence. That's why I really like being a coach. And why I admire Jerry Kill, the football coach at the University of Minnesota. We are sharing the stage at the Performance Excellence Network Annual Conference [...]

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