Good Leaders: Have you planned your winter retreat?

Successful executives and business owners understand their “job” is more than a job. It’s a full mind, body and soul commitment to build something special. It takes an unwavering support system of family and friends to make it happen. And sometimes a restorative Seven Fs retreat is just what the doctor ordered!

Good Leaders: How do you carry on a legacy?

The passionate golfers among us remember Payne Stewart as the legendary winner of eleven PGA Tour events whose flashy knicker outfits made him stand out from the crowd. But his son Aaron remembers him differently. Read on to see how you can be part of a historic celebration.

Good Leaders: What’s your plan to help yourself grow?

Here’s a compelling thought for the new year: adults only grow if they want to grow. This is particularly true for people who have a strong roof over their heads, steady finances, and the admiration of family and friends. We are comfortable...and we only grow outside our comfort zones if we really want to! By now you know, one of [...]

Good Leaders: How are you inflicting pain today?

Sometimes good leadership inflicts pain on people when we create significant change. Today, I'm causing some of my own pain. A physician leader we coach was confronted with data he didn’t like. He fancied his entrepreneurial status as a practice area leader. “I didn’t get into medicine to play everything by the book,” he grunted. “Sometimes my intimate [...]

Good Leaders: Who deserves “thank you” from you today?

Kevin Warren shared his personal story at the Good Leadership Breakfast, and he thanked me for the opportunity. Kevin Warren is an emotional guy. Some would say fiery. When telling his personal story he can cry at any moment from a place of love and gratitude. He can also be angry and frustrated like anyone else. "But I'm so [...]

Good Leaders: Are you ready for a Swedish-American blended breakfast?

International technology CEO, Björn Stansvik, kicks off the Fall 2015 Good Leadership Breakfast Series this Friday morning. When I was 15 years old, I quit my two jobs at Hardees and HyVee and started my own business painting houses. Learning to be my own boss shaped my attitude and opened up a whole new world. That’s why I’m [...]

Good Leaders: How do you lead through influence?

Heidi Humphrey wants to make sure her kids understand the impact of their mom’s work. Along with teaching life lessons early, Heidi stays connected to her family by being active. Here she is with family and friends at the Color Run! Heidi is the Director of Client Experience at U.S. Bank, and when each of her daughters turned [...]

Good Leaders: How are you spreading your own message of goodness?

Steve and his team lead with goodness every day, and prove that goodness pays! What if all financial advisors selected clients based on their goodness, rather than the dollars in their portfolios? At Generation Group, Steve Blexrud and his team know that their best clients are people who care for their families above all else, drive for success, and are [...]

Good Leaders: What is your liberating mindset?

If you ask Albert how to get to Carnegie Hall, he might say practice...or he might just say, radiate goodness! Most people would think that founding a nationally recognized, award-winning singing group would be the pinnacle of a career. Most people are not Albert Jordan. Albert wanted to make sure music was always a source of joy, and never [...]

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