Good Leaders: What makes you happy today?

'Tis the season to be jolly. Everywhere I go people are wishing one another happy something. Happy Hanukkah. Happy Holidays. Happy Christmas. Yesterday morning, a nice lady at Starbucks even said to me: "Happy Monday!" Yes, I am happy. Have you decided to be happy today?

What’s the opposite of Goodness: Can you honor your inner critic?

"So, what is the opposite of goodness?" the interviewee asked. Before we could even begin the first interview for the Goodness Pays book project, the executive presented significant resistance. "I need to know if you are trying to paint the picture that the opposite of "goodness" is "badness," he continued. Here's how I answered:

Good Leaders: Are you creating the life you want?

Stephanie Franciscus took our Personal Visioning exercise seriously – and she’s on fire. As the Director of Sales Effectiveness at Medica, Stephanie was a star graduate of the Good Leadership Training program this spring. She’s someone who role models positivity and is always working to improve her Seven Fs Wheel, explaining: “I owe it to myself to create the life I want.”

Good Leaders: What surprises help you be grateful?

One day about four years ago, my mentor asked me if I was wholeheartedly committed to my message. At that very instance, I was surprised at my internal said "maybe." What the heck was that?! As I walked out of his office, I was surprised at visions of all of the people in my life who have come together around the idea...

Good Leaders: What opportunity can you find today?

Skeptics and eye-rollers love to catch people in contradictions. But what happens when you meet a leader who really does live a cliche? "Because of my upbringing, I was forced to decide that I could find an 'opportunity' inside every hardship," the British chap said with humility. Please let me introduce you to Matthew Allnatt.

Good Leaders: What are you planning to celebrate?

The entire state of Minnesota is planning a party. A huge, warm, wintry party in partnership with the National Football League called the 2018 Super Bowl. And like every other good party, someone has to be in charge: that's why I'm so happy to introduce you to our speaker for the Good Leadership breakfast this Friday...

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