Good Leaders: How are you shaping yourself today?

This Dr. Seuss title is a popular graduation gift and a effective reminder for good leaders. "We become the sum-total of the people we hang out with and the books we read," counseled Tim Schmidt, my co-author of the What Really Works book. Tim and his son Jonathan were the speakers at the Good Leadership Breakfast on August [...]

Good Leaders: What helps you thrive?

What does this picture say to you?   90% of the participants in my workshops and keynote speaking engagements answer with the word "stress."  There's nothing like a frayed rope to make your stomach turn into a knot. Recently I heard another perspective: a bright and wise woman mused: "It says to me there's still hope!" Internet media mogul Arianna Huffington [...]

Good Leaders: What do you miss if you don’t show up?

Season Tickets are on sale today for the Good Leadership Breakfast - don't miss out! Through many years of coaching leaders there is one ever-present theme: There never seems to be enough time to get everything done: work life, home life, spiritual life, exercise and sleep? It's gnawing at all of us. That's why I think our ideas [...]

Good Leaders: How do you answer “What’s next?”

The 4th of July holiday is a good time for reflection and planning. The Fourth of July holiday is "halftime" - when we flip the calendar from June to July we're officially in the second half of the year. For me, the break provided ample windshield and dock time to savor, assess and imagine. I'm 51 years old [...]

Good Leaders: How do you find who you are?

Matt Norman (posing with his family) helps me see who I am through his Norman Views blog posts. The iconic tune: "On a clear day, rise and look around you, and you'll see who you are," is ringing in my ears as I write this summer-reading-list-blog. My mother played the Burton Lane movie tune - sung by Barbara [...]

Good Leaders: What makes you feel significant?

High school graduation is a major milestone for both parents and students. Anna Mary Batz graduated from high school last week. She's our youngest child which means Melinda and I have passed a huge parenting milestone. Without question, I'm blindly-biased as all loving fathers should be. After reading adoring cards, letters and emails about Anna's impact on the [...]

Good Leaders: Is the Intelligent Optimist on your summer reading list?

This magazine is now at the top of my required reading list: refreshing, energizing and inspiring to the Good Leadership movement. A cynical society recovering from a meltdown of public trust may be tempted to consider the two words: "Intelligent Optimist" an oxymoron. Or at least incompatible. But even the "equal opportunity skeptics" in our client base have [...]

Good Leaders: What’s on the Top of Your Summer Reading List?

This free eBook, features the best 31 of my first 200 blogs - inspiration for your summer reading. Today is the official launch of my sixth book project: Good Leadership Today. It’s an interactive eBook: designed in full color, with live links and video – featuring the best of my weekly Good Leadership blogs. And it's FR**! Here’s [...]

Why do we take ourselves so seriously?

Our readers recommended: The Art of Possibility, by Benjamin and Rossalyn Zander The Art of Possibility, by Benjamin and Rosamund Zander, was one of the many powerful suggestions recommended by you! Last month, I recommended five items worthy of your summer reading list and I promised to share your most compelling suggestions. Thank you for the many suggestions: [...]

What’s next for your summer reading – take 2?

This copy of American Assassin, by Vince Flynn, traveled all the way around the world as Melinda's companion to South Africa. Two weeks ago, I posted this blog - only to discover a technical glitch "teased the reader" by showing just the first of five recommended books.  I was very grateful to receive so many requests to resend [...]

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