Good Leaders: How do you rebuild your confidence?

We all know what it feels like to get knocked down and have the urge to quit. Good Leaders help each other get back up and find our confidence again. We always get back up. Every good leader knows what it is like to face failure of some form or another: when we get knocked down, we always [...]

Good Leaders: Who’s coaching you?

Rory Mcllroy just won The British Open Championship in golf. He has a coach: who's coaching you? Rory Mcllroy won the British Open Championship two days ago. The American League won the All-Star Game last week and Germany won the World Cup two weeks ago. The one thing all of these world-class athletes have in common is good [...]

Good Leaders: If goodness pays, then what gets in the way?

Disgraced NBA franchise owner Donald Sterling is finding himself sitting all alone: Perhaps he feels he earned the right to cheat and discriminate? When is a wicked head/chest cold a blessing? Today, I'm enjoying the unexpected consequences of an illness-induced slower pace.  It's just a cold brought on by lots of airline travel, heavy exposure to pollen and [...]

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