Good Leaders: Have you planned your winter retreat?

Successful executives and business owners understand their “job” is more than a job. It’s a full mind, body and soul commitment to build something special. It takes an unwavering support system of family and friends to make it happen. And sometimes a restorative Seven Fs retreat is just what the doctor ordered!

Good Leaders: Who helps you see new possibilities?

There are specific people in our lives that change our trajectory. Jodi Harpstead is one of those people for me – and I’m so happy she is the closing speaker of the 2016 Good Leadership Breakfast Series on Friday, November 18. Jodi was working at Medtronic in the early growth years and was living one of those “pinch me” storylines. Then, something changed her trajectory.

Good Leaders: What brings you joy today?

This the easiest blog of the year to write because today is a big deal. Melinda and I are celebrating 30 years of marriage today. And that really brings me joy! On October 18, 1986, I didn't know how to think 30 years into the future. I was 23 years old, hoping to buy a house someday and start a family. I didn't know it then, but we were building a Seven Fs foundation.

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