Good Leaders: How is goodness growing around you?

Kurt Nelson (center) won the Bucket of Good Will at the Good Leadership Breakfast last Friday, donating more than $6,000 to the Minneapolis City of Lakes Rotary Club Foundation. Our speaker, Mike Ott (left) of US Bank Private Client Reserve, drew his name from more than 250 guests. Goodness pays, because goodness grows! Last Friday, the Thanksgiving season [...]

Good Leaders: Where is music alive around you?

My favorite jazz musician, Benny Weinbeck and his trio, will perform live music at the Good Leadership Breakfast on Friday, November 20. Tickets are going fast. Have you noticed how live music makes everything better? I grew up with music everywhere: we are a family of singers and piano players. My mother and grandmother were both music teachers. My [...]

Good Leaders: What is the difference between leading and managing for you?

Whether running as a family or bringing his daughters to work, Darin is leaving a legacy for his kids by blending the Seven Fs. Do you think differently about your role as “manager” and “leader?” Darin Lynch, founder and chief liberation officer of the digital agency Irish Titan, sees the two roles as distinct and complementary. His dedication [...]

Good Leaders: What are you celebrating this week?

This week we are celebrating National Small Business Week in America. And we are hosting a Business Owner Forum on May 29, 2015. This week Americans are celebrating National Small Business Week! As I gaze into my own bloodline, I see a steady stream of business owners: farmers, a funeral home, a newspaper, a florist, a diversity and [...]

Good Leaders: What gets you off to a good start?

Lynn Casey and I shared a laugh together from center stage at the Good Leadership Breakfast Series. We asked her to speak at our 5th Anniversary celebration, because she radiates goodness, and she is a leader who decides to "be happy." Physicians preach the virtue of starting every day with a good breakfast. But I believe the most important [...]

Good Leaders: Who is on your breakfast plate?

Lynn Casey, CEO of Padilla CRT is my favorite "boss" ever. She will kick off our 5th Anniversary Good Leadership Breakfast, February 20, 2015. Just as our bodies are shaped by what we eat, our character grows by the goodness of the people around us. Fear has a lot to do with feeling alone. Hope is fueled by [...]

Good Leaders: Are you ready for a good Food Fight?

When Bluto yelled "Food Fight" in the movie Animal House, the Faber College cafeteria spontaneously erupted in sloppy wasteful fun. When I hear the words: "Food Fight" I smirk with memories of watching John Belushi in the movie Animal House. His character "Bluto" ignited an Ivy League riot in the cafeteria of Faber College. Years later, I yelled [...]

Good Leaders: What’s your next chapter?

Leonard Segal (center) was the big winner of the Bucket of Good Will last Friday. Mark Bergman (left) matched the $4471 raised so Leonard could donate $8942 to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. Total donations now exceed $105,000. Chapter one ended last Friday.  Five years ago this month, Melinda and I started our own business. Batz Enterprises was [...]

Good Leaders: when was the last time you met a bona fide hero?

Anderson Cooper awarded Chad Pregracke the 2013 CNN Hero of the Year Award - we're thrilled to have Chad speak this week at the Good Leadership Breakfast. What was the first thing Chad Pregracke did with the $250,000 he earned when he won the 2013 CNN Hero of the Year award presented by Anderson Cooper? He gave away [...]

What does “eat or be food” mean to you?

Yep, it's 200th blog today! It's cold outside, but its a good climate for growing inside the Good Leadership Enterprises office in Minnesota. Today, you are reading my 200th blog. Yep, 200 weeks in a row.  This morning the phrase "Eat or be food" is on my mind. Please let me explain: My good friend eBob planted [...]

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