Good Leaders: Who needs you to be a better leader?

By now, you know our firm, Good Leadership Enterprises, works with visionary CEOs, business owners and community leaders to grow their enterprises with good leadership. That means we provide business transformation projects, leadership development partnering, and inspirational programs. If you are inspired by the breakfasts or this blog, that’s wonderful! But that’s not enough.

Good Leaders: What opportunity can you find today?

Skeptics and eye-rollers love to catch people in contradictions. But what happens when you meet a leader who really does live a cliche? "Because of my upbringing, I was forced to decide that I could find an 'opportunity' inside every hardship," the British chap said with humility. Please let me introduce you to Matthew Allnatt.

Good Leaders: How would you perform in the spotlight?

Interim Athletic Director for the University of Minnesota, Beth Goetz, shared the sideline recently with U of M President Eric Kaler. The phrase “in the spotlight” comes from the early days of indoor theatre, when a solo actor performed alone at center stage in a perfectly round circle of light. The speaker at the Good Leadership Breakfast this Friday [...]

Good Leaders: What’s the biggest project of your life?

This IT executive team met in Chicago last week to plan the biggest project of their careers. My colleague, Peter, and I are grateful to be involved. Over the course of a career, every leader looks back and sees one particular project as the biggest project of their life.  So, how would you lead differently if you knew [...]

Good Leaders: Where do you see positivity around you?

Mike Ott (second from right) recently accompanied US Bank CEO Richard Davis (second from left), to receive the Freedom Award from Paul Mock, National Chair of Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (right) and Jessica Wright, Undersecretary of Defense. Since the financial meltdown in 2007, positive publicity in the Wall Street Journal about banking executives is rare. [...]

Good Leaders: What’s your favorite team?

What will it take for your "favorite team" to be one of your teams at work? The question, What's your favorite team?, mostly triggers a sports-response like the Vikings, Packers, Yankees, Twins or Lakers. Maybe even the Gophers, Cornhuskers and Crimson Tide. Or your local high school team (Jaguars?). But sports teams seldom teach practical leadership lessons about how to build [...]

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Good Leaders: What is the difference between leading and managing for you?

Whether running as a family or bringing his daughters to work, Darin is leaving a legacy for his kids by blending the Seven Fs. Do you think differently about your role as “manager” and “leader?” Darin Lynch, founder and chief liberation officer of the digital agency Irish Titan, sees the two roles as distinct and complementary. His dedication [...]

Good Leaders: How far can we go together?

This weekend I saw Juan Pablo Montoya win the 99th running of the Indy 500. It was a bucket list experience with the help of some good friends. African proverb: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.  This weekend, three friends and I drove to Indianapolis, Indiana, on a [...]

Good Leaders: Who reminds you of the fundamentals?

Yesterday, I introduced Big Ten Football Coach of the Year, Jerry Kill, at the PENWorks conference. Photo credit: Tami Ekstrand, Central Media Services Yesterday, I had the honor of introducing one of my contemporary heroes. University of Minnesota head football coach, Jerry Kill, was the keynote speaker at the PENWorks annual conference, produced by the Performance Excellence Network. [...]

Good Leaders: Who exudes excellence around you?

Coach Kill is the featured speaker at the PEN Works conference in April. You have a special offer to join me. Coaching helps produce excellence. That's why I really like being a coach. And why I admire Jerry Kill, the football coach at the University of Minnesota. We are sharing the stage at the Performance Excellence Network Annual Conference [...]

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