Good Leaders: Can you keep the peace this week?

This week, we have some time off with family. That's why I tuned into an important conversation on a local radio talk show. The interviewer asked three panelists: "What's the best way to talk about politics with your family over the holidays?" The first two offered politically-correct, crappy advice. The third panelist gave the best answer.

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Good Leaders: How does your fitness feel today?

I don't know if this wives tale is true or not: Did you know the average American gains one pound per year for the rest of their lives after the age of 40? That's crazy! But now that I think of it...I'm 53 years old, and I weigh 17 pounds more than I did when I was 40. That sucks. What will I look like 20 years from now?

Good Leaders: Are you ready for a good Food Fight?

When Bluto yelled "Food Fight" in the movie Animal House, the Faber College cafeteria spontaneously erupted in sloppy wasteful fun. When I hear the words: "Food Fight" I smirk with memories of watching John Belushi in the movie Animal House. His character "Bluto" ignited an Ivy League riot in the cafeteria of Faber College. Years later, I yelled [...]

Are you still grateful today?

Sarah Josepha Hale, the Editor of the Goodey's Ladies Book magazine, convinced Abraham Lincoln to establish Thanksgiving as a national holiday, 150 years ago. Around the Thanksgiving table it's easy to express our gratitude. The aroma of a fabulous meal and the laughter of family and friends breeds the welcomed cliche´: we are so grateful. The challenge is [...]

Who needs your help today?

The airports during the holidays can leave even the most seasoned travelers, like me, dazed and confused. Who can you help today? “I’m terribly lost,” she said frantically with cloudy, 84 year-old eyes.  “Can you help me?” Nancy and I met last week at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport, the south terminal gate security.  I was focused and selfishly [...]

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