Good Leaders: What goals bring out the goodness in you?

"Our current thinking limits our ability to accomplish extraordinary things," explained Jodi Harpstead, CEO of Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota. Jodi was the speaker at the Good Leadership Breakfast last Friday, where she shared the secret sauce for her leadership.

Good Leaders: What makes you happy today?

Today I am choosing to be happy. My pal, Ralphie, helps me make that decision every morning. Today, like every other day, I'm deciding to be happy. Happy is good. Happy is magnetic. Happy is contagious. Happy is everywhere, and it's powerful. Are you happy today? A few years ago, while mired in worry about a brutal economy and [...]

Good Leaders: Will you dance with me?

This silly, grainy, homemade video is about how followers help leaders create a movement. Will you dance with me? Maybe you've seen this 3 minute video: A mostly naked man begins to dance freely in an open field during a Woodstock-style concert. He looks partly drunk and mostly silly...until someone else joins him. Within a minute, there's an unchoreographed [...]

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Good Leaders: Will you sign The Goodness Pledge?

The Goodness Pledge is one way for us to help you stay positive throughout the twists and turns of your leadership. Have you ever looked back on something really fun and inspiring and asked yourself: What just happened? Last week was another mountain-peak episode on the Good Leadership journey. Three specific things are creating happiness and optimism about how goodness [...]

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