Good Leaders: Is the Intelligent Optimist on your summer reading list?

This magazine is now at the top of my required reading list: refreshing, energizing and inspiring to the Good Leadership movement. A cynical society recovering from a meltdown of public trust may be tempted to consider the two words: "Intelligent Optimist" an oxymoron. Or at least incompatible. But even the "equal opportunity skeptics" in our client base have [...]

Good Leaders: What’s on the Top of Your Summer Reading List?

This free eBook, features the best 31 of my first 200 blogs - inspiration for your summer reading. Today is the official launch of my sixth book project: Good Leadership Today. It’s an interactive eBook: designed in full color, with live links and video – featuring the best of my weekly Good Leadership blogs. And it's FR**! Here’s [...]

What’s next for your summer reading – take 2?

This copy of American Assassin, by Vince Flynn, traveled all the way around the world as Melinda's companion to South Africa. Two weeks ago, I posted this blog - only to discover a technical glitch "teased the reader" by showing just the first of five recommended books.  I was very grateful to receive so many requests to resend [...]

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