Good Leaders: Who helps you see new possibilities?

There are specific people in our lives that change our trajectory. Jodi Harpstead is one of those people for me – and I’m so happy she is the closing speaker of the 2016 Good Leadership Breakfast Series on Friday, November 18. Jodi was working at Medtronic in the early growth years and was living one of those “pinch me” storylines. Then, something changed her trajectory.

Good Leaders: How are you shaping yourself today?

This Dr. Seuss title is a popular graduation gift and a effective reminder for good leaders. "We become the sum-total of the people we hang out with and the books we read," counseled Tim Schmidt, my co-author of the What Really Works book. Tim and his son Jonathan were the speakers at the Good Leadership Breakfast on August [...]

Good Leaders: What helps you thrive?

What does this picture say to you?   90% of the participants in my workshops and keynote speaking engagements answer with the word "stress."  There's nothing like a frayed rope to make your stomach turn into a knot. Recently I heard another perspective: a bright and wise woman mused: "It says to me there's still hope!" Internet media mogul Arianna Huffington [...]

Good Leaders: What friend is helping you climb your mountain?

Tim and Jonathan Schmidt are father and son who climbed Mount Rainier together. They will speak about their journey at the Good Leadership Breakfast this Friday. We're all climbing one mountain or another. And we know fear has a lot to do with feeling alone. This blog is about friendship, fatherhood and a faithful journey up Mount Rainier. [...]

Good Leaders: How do you rebuild your confidence?

We all know what it feels like to get knocked down and have the urge to quit. Good Leaders help each other get back up and find our confidence again. We always get back up. Every good leader knows what it is like to face failure of some form or another: when we get knocked down, we always [...]

Good Leaders: What do you miss if you don’t show up?

Season Tickets are on sale today for the Good Leadership Breakfast - don't miss out! Through many years of coaching leaders there is one ever-present theme: There never seems to be enough time to get everything done: work life, home life, spiritual life, exercise and sleep? It's gnawing at all of us. That's why I think our ideas [...]

Good Leaders: Who’s on your breakfast plate this fall?

Tim and Jonathan Schmidt are the first father-and-son speakers at the Good Leadership Breakfast. They will share their tale of climbing Mt. Rainier. Rewarding excellence and living generously are two of the cornerstones of Goodness we will celebrate at the 2014 Fall Good Leadership Breakfast Series. That's why I'm already looking forward to this exciting slate of Good [...]

How are you creating goals for the new year?

With new wisdom and perspective from this past year, will your growth goals improve your resilience? Goal-setting is easy as we optimistically gaze forward..."I think I'll write a book this year!" is a goal I frequently hear from friends.  But then life gets in the way... Yes, life does get in the way: each of us has a [...]

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