Good Leaders: What’s your next chapter?

Leonard Segal (center) was the big winner of the Bucket of Good Will last Friday. Mark Bergman (left) matched the $4471 raised so Leonard could donate $8942 to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. Total donations now exceed $105,000. Chapter one ended last Friday.  Five years ago this month, Melinda and I started our own business. Batz Enterprises was [...]

Good Leaders: Are you ready to enjoy rare air?

Tony Sanneh (#22) is a World Cup soccer hero who returned to his roots in St. Paul, Minnesota to build a foundation for kids. He is the speaker at the Good Leadership Breakfast this Friday. Across a crowded business celebration last Thursday, a tall handsome character stood out because he was radiating magnetic energy. He responded to my [...]

Good Leaders: What do you miss if you don’t show up?

Season Tickets are on sale today for the Good Leadership Breakfast - don't miss out! Through many years of coaching leaders there is one ever-present theme: There never seems to be enough time to get everything done: work life, home life, spiritual life, exercise and sleep? It's gnawing at all of us. That's why I think our ideas [...]

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