Good Leaders: Where do you see a bright future around you?

Sun time in Arizona provided some luxurious R&R, and gave me an encouraging look into the future. Leisure travel is a luxury. It's an appropriate reward for working hard and building things. Last week I celebrated my 52nd birthday on an unusual spring break trip to Arizona. Normally, the desert sunshine in March is all I need for [...]

Good Leaders: Why do you work?

Blending the Seven Fs: the friends of Benjamin Paul Batz gathered in our kitchen to celebrate his Outward Bound job in the Florida Everglades. Ben is far upper left. Which of the Seven Fs best describes why you work: faith, family, finances, friends, fun or future? Your answer might surprise you - I'll share mine at the end [...]

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Good Leaders: Where does your path take you?

This grainy "selfie" is from a goodness presentation in the iconic Ronald Reagan dining room at the historic Jonathan Club in Los Angeles.  It was a "pinch me" moment. We believe the path to greatness is paved by good leaders who radiate goodness - today and everyday. Our mission is to spread goodness. It's the word "spread" that [...]

How are you growing today?

When you take a good look at yourself, how are you growing today? Grow or die. Eat or be food. Time always moves the ageless Darwinian question when you look in the mirror: How are you growing today? I fancy myself as an inspirational leadership coach. Part of my own growth has been the commitment to produce [...]

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