Good Leaders: Who needs you to be a better leader?

By now, you know our firm, Good Leadership Enterprises, works with visionary CEOs, business owners and community leaders to grow their enterprises with good leadership. That means we provide business transformation projects, leadership development partnering, and inspirational programs. If you are inspired by the breakfasts or this blog, that’s wonderful! But that’s not enough.

Good Leaders: What’s your plan to help others grow?

The best leaders not only develop themselves, but also consistently help those around them grow. Are you the kind of leader that others would willingly follow? The best leaders not only develop themselves, but also consistently help those around them grow. How to start? A great way is by sharing with others your own winning philosophies for navigating [...]

Good Leaders: How is goodness growing around you?

Kurt Nelson (center) won the Bucket of Good Will at the Good Leadership Breakfast last Friday, donating more than $6,000 to the Minneapolis City of Lakes Rotary Club Foundation. Our speaker, Mike Ott (left) of US Bank Private Client Reserve, drew his name from more than 250 guests. Goodness pays, because goodness grows! Last Friday, the Thanksgiving season [...]

Good Leaders: Where do you see positivity around you?

Mike Ott (second from right) recently accompanied US Bank CEO Richard Davis (second from left), to receive the Freedom Award from Paul Mock, National Chair of Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (right) and Jessica Wright, Undersecretary of Defense. Since the financial meltdown in 2007, positive publicity in the Wall Street Journal about banking executives is rare. [...]

Good Leaders: How do you lead through influence?

Heidi Humphrey wants to make sure her kids understand the impact of their mom’s work. Along with teaching life lessons early, Heidi stays connected to her family by being active. Here she is with family and friends at the Color Run! Heidi is the Director of Client Experience at U.S. Bank, and when each of her daughters turned [...]

Good Leaders: What gets you off to a good start?

Lynn Casey and I shared a laugh together from center stage at the Good Leadership Breakfast Series. We asked her to speak at our 5th Anniversary celebration, because she radiates goodness, and she is a leader who decides to "be happy." Physicians preach the virtue of starting every day with a good breakfast. But I believe the most important [...]

Good Leaders: What’s your next chapter?

Leonard Segal (center) was the big winner of the Bucket of Good Will last Friday. Mark Bergman (left) matched the $4471 raised so Leonard could donate $8942 to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. Total donations now exceed $105,000. Chapter one ended last Friday.  Five years ago this month, Melinda and I started our own business. Batz Enterprises was [...]

Good Leaders: Where does your path take you?

This grainy "selfie" is from a goodness presentation in the iconic Ronald Reagan dining room at the historic Jonathan Club in Los Angeles.  It was a "pinch me" moment. We believe the path to greatness is paved by good leaders who radiate goodness - today and everyday. Our mission is to spread goodness. It's the word "spread" that [...]

Who will be your favorite speaker next year?

The May 2014, Good Leadership Breakfast speaker Chad Pregracke (right) posed with Anderson Cooper, when he won the CNN Hero of the Year Award. Valentines Day will be an all day affair for Melinda and me next year, because February 14, is the kick-off of the 2014 Good Leadership Breakfast Series. As any old love, we're adding some [...]

What would 150 years look like to you?

Sesquicentennial means "150th birthday celebration" - congrats to US Bank and Gustavus Adolphus College (Gustavus gave me this shirt!) Happy Birthday to You, Happy birthday to's the most contagious tune in the Western world. When you reach 150 years old, you learn the word: sesquicentennial - pronounced [ses'-kwi-sen-ten'-ē-əl] - meaning marking the completion of a period of 150 [...]

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