Good Leaders: Who is helping you reach the next level?

We all have a vision for our lives; some more vivid than others. Whether peering into our 80's, 50's or 30's, we are all imagining a richer, happier existence filled with new possibilities and goodness. But nothing significant ever happens alone - who is helping you reach the next level?

Good Leaders: How are you stretching your vision?

A dream come true for my wife and business partner, Melinda, and me. The Seven Fs Executive Retreat, February 2016. When was the last time you actually had healthy nerves in your stomach and spine-tingling anticipation, because you put your vision out there to be tested? Seven years ago, I promised my business partner and wife – Melinda [...]

Good Leaders: What’s your plan to help others grow?

The best leaders not only develop themselves, but also consistently help those around them grow. Are you the kind of leader that others would willingly follow? The best leaders not only develop themselves, but also consistently help those around them grow. How to start? A great way is by sharing with others your own winning philosophies for navigating [...]

Good Leaders: What’s your plan to help yourself grow?

Here’s a compelling thought for the new year: adults only grow if they want to grow. This is particularly true for people who have a strong roof over their heads, steady finances, and the admiration of family and friends. We are comfortable...and we only grow outside our comfort zones if we really want to! By now you know, one of [...]

Good Leaders: What’s the biggest project of your life?

This IT executive team met in Chicago last week to plan the biggest project of their careers. My colleague, Peter, and I are grateful to be involved. Over the course of a career, every leader looks back and sees one particular project as the biggest project of their life.  So, how would you lead differently if you knew [...]

Good Leaders: What is your personal vision?

Melinda and I couldn't resist taking a selfie in front of the fake Christmas Tree at the Ritz Carlton, Dove Mountain resort in the desert near Tucson, Arizona, last week. Aspirations fuel growth. In other words, good leaders are motivated by the question: “Who do you want to be when you grow up?” This week, Melinda and I visited the [...]

Good Leaders: What’s your favorite team?

What will it take for your "favorite team" to be one of your teams at work? The question, What's your favorite team?, mostly triggers a sports-response like the Vikings, Packers, Yankees, Twins or Lakers. Maybe even the Gophers, Cornhuskers and Crimson Tide. Or your local high school team (Jaguars?). But sports teams seldom teach practical leadership lessons about how to build [...]

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Good Leaders: Are you ready for a Swedish-American blended breakfast?

International technology CEO, Björn Stansvik, kicks off the Fall 2015 Good Leadership Breakfast Series this Friday morning. When I was 15 years old, I quit my two jobs at Hardees and HyVee and started my own business painting houses. Learning to be my own boss shaped my attitude and opened up a whole new world. That’s why I’m [...]

Good Leaders: What would make you reboot your life?

John and Cristina got engaged this month after crossing the finish line of Grandma's Marathon. Two years ago co-founder of OrangeBall Creative, John Gamades, lived through significant upheaval: he got divorced, became a single dad, and was launching his own company. “I'm grateful today, because the Good Leadership philosophy played a huge role in rebuilding who I am as [...]

Good Leaders: Are you a source of positivity today?

Positivity is catalytic for good leadership. Today, let's examine the timeless cliché - glass half-empty or half-full? The glass of water is an effective discussion starter about the power of attitude on life and leadership. We are commonly taught half-empty is a 'negative' point of view, and half-full is 'positive.' All rhetoric aside - half a glass of water is always [...]