Where are you getting your inspiration lately?

Don Shelby (center) was the final speaker of the 2013 Good Leadership Breakfast Series. He and I are pictured here with our clothier, King Bavender. The propaganda for the Good Leadership Breakfast Series claims: "Inspiration stronger than your morning espresso." With standing room only attendance, the 200+ guests who attended last week's highly-caffeinated meeting featuring Don Shelby were not [...]

When you pause for reflection, what do you see in yourself?

Simba saw a good leader in his reflection at the signature moment in The Lion King. Every good leader has reflection points -- the moments when they recall looking into the mirror and seeing something new in themselves.  Walt Chesley is a successful fifty-something corporate executive who could retire and play with his grandchild. But recently he saw [...]

How do you invest in yourself?

Deep tissue massages and yoga are part of my 2013 investment plan in 'me.'  I hope to feel as good as she looks. So this year I'm a member of Massage Envy and Yoga Pioneers: both by doctors orders.  It's funny to think I'd actually be told to learn to enjoy yoga and massages. Is that a guy [...]

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