Good Leaders: How does your faith affect how you show up?

Today the theme Back to the Future (not the movie) is alive in me. This Friday is the second Good Leadership Breakfast of the year. We are going back to the formula of the Seven Fs: faith, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun and future for organizing the speakers for the whole series. Last month, our kickoff speaker Richard Leider explored the idea of how “purpose” is at the center of the Seven Fs Wheel. Going forward we are focusing on each of the Seven Fs, starting with “faith.” So, this being the second breakfast, “faith” is the back to the future subject.

Good Leaders: Why do you get away from your work?

While observing good leaders grow through the years I've noticed one thing that separates the best from the rest: Good leaders understand their "job" is more than just a job. It is a full mind-body-soul commitment to building something special. To maintain that level of commitment, the best leaders know how to get away to relax, refresh, and recharge the batteries.

Good Leaders: What’s on your Bucket List?

This past Sunday, I shared a delightful conversation with my 80-years-young mother about her Bucket List. What I learned from her was amazing.

Good Leaders: Who is helping you reach the next level?

We all have a vision for our lives; some more vivid than others. Whether peering into our 80's, 50's or 30's, we are all imagining a richer, happier existence filled with new possibilities and goodness. But nothing significant ever happens alone - who is helping you reach the next level?

Good Leaders: What would make you reboot your life?

John and Cristina got engaged this month after crossing the finish line of Grandma's Marathon. Two years ago co-founder of OrangeBall Creative, John Gamades, lived through significant upheaval: he got divorced, became a single dad, and was launching his own company. “I'm grateful today, because the Good Leadership philosophy played a huge role in rebuilding who I am as [...]

Good Leaders: How are you shaping yourself today?

This Dr. Seuss title is a popular graduation gift and a effective reminder for good leaders. "We become the sum-total of the people we hang out with and the books we read," counseled Tim Schmidt, my co-author of the What Really Works book. Tim and his son Jonathan were the speakers at the Good Leadership Breakfast on August [...]

Good Leaders: What friend is helping you climb your mountain?

Tim and Jonathan Schmidt are father and son who climbed Mount Rainier together. They will speak about their journey at the Good Leadership Breakfast this Friday. We're all climbing one mountain or another. And we know fear has a lot to do with feeling alone. This blog is about friendship, fatherhood and a faithful journey up Mount Rainier. [...]

Good Leaders: Who’s coaching you?

Rory Mcllroy just won The British Open Championship in golf. He has a coach: who's coaching you? Rory Mcllroy won the British Open Championship two days ago. The American League won the All-Star Game last week and Germany won the World Cup two weeks ago. The one thing all of these world-class athletes have in common is good [...]

Good Leaders: How do you answer “What’s next?”

The 4th of July holiday is a good time for reflection and planning. The Fourth of July holiday is "halftime" - when we flip the calendar from June to July we're officially in the second half of the year. For me, the break provided ample windshield and dock time to savor, assess and imagine. I'm 51 years old [...]

Good Leaders: Who’s on your breakfast plate this fall?

Tim and Jonathan Schmidt are the first father-and-son speakers at the Good Leadership Breakfast. They will share their tale of climbing Mt. Rainier. Rewarding excellence and living generously are two of the cornerstones of Goodness we will celebrate at the 2014 Fall Good Leadership Breakfast Series. That's why I'm already looking forward to this exciting slate of Good [...]

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