Good leaders create great results without Superhero effort – which means building a stronger team.

Where data and Goodness meet to create great results.

See how data shows the path to better results.

The Team Momentum Survey is the centerpiece of Good Leadership Coaching because success in leadership hinges on how well leaders create results with their teams. This proprietary survey provides a research-based, data-driven picture that reveals where your team’s momentum is strong and where it breaks down. The team gets a customized, actionable report with specific recommendations on how to embrace the healthy tension necessary to improve results. The Good Leadership Team Momentum Survey helps ensure people thrive together, in a culture of encouragement, accountability, and positive teamwork.

“We didn’t know what we didn’t know, but the Good Leadership team showed us how understanding and discussing healthy tension within our team could make our entire organization stronger.”

– Troy Simonson, CEO
Twin Cities Orthopedics

The Team Momentum Survey measures the areas critical to a team’s success.

Good Leadership coaches use the Team Momentum Survey to:
  • Improve decision-making and follow-through
  • Strengthen relationship bonds
  • Monitor the development of both the leader and the team
  • Onboard a new team leader

Improve momentum with
a simple process.

The Team Momentum Survey is an anonymous online survey with only 24 questions. After each team member invests less than 15 minutes in the survey, the Team Leader receives three insightful reports: Full Team Report, Team Leader Report, and Comments. Better results are only a few clicks away.


24 Questions

15 Minutes

Comment Area

Produces 3 Reports

Your team data can become your picture of success.

The colors of red, yellow, and green show the momentum and power leaks in your team. With the Team Momentum Survey you will see your structural data on Compelling Plan, Clear Roles and Responsibilities, Transparent Decision Making and Disciplined Follow Through, and relational data including Trust, Communication, Blended Benefits, and Shared Commitments. It’s everything you need to know to create better results.

See the data tell a success story: a case study.

What ended with a standing ovation by the CEO began with a vote of no confidence for this IT leader in front of his Board of Directors. See how the Team Momentum Survey proved to be an effective intervention to get the leader – and the $250 million project – back on track.

“It was our finest hour,” the leader explained. “The visual data in the Team Momentum Survey changed how I thought about my leadership – I learned what that particular team needed to succeed.” See how the data was catalytic through four surveys over nine months.

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Curious? You can answer the 24 questions yourself and get a sample of all three Team Momentum Survey reports here.