Master the soft stuff.

Unite your team, motivate a variety of personalities, and create positive momentum
for your projects without burning people out – yourself included.

Motivate and influence a variety of personalities.

Being an expert in your craft got you here, but now that expertise isn’t enough. You are learning new ways to lead at this level and some days are better than others. Wouldn’t it be nice to just spend a week working on your to-do list?
Career growth for you means tackling the soft stuff: motivating a wide variety of personalities, getting people to work together, and influencing other leaders without any direct authority.

Which of these four challenges best describes you?

Rally a Team

I need to improve morale – creating a positive culture where healthy tension and cooperation make us better.

Focus for Stronger Results

I need to unite and develop my team, bringing people with diverse perspectives together to focus on a singular goal and achieve stronger results.

Avoid Burnout

I need to motivate people without burning them out – including myself.

Influence Business Leaders

I need to sharpen my ability to sell ideas across the company, and pave the way for my team to be successful.

We’ve solved these problems before.

Good Leadership coaches teach technical leaders how to motivate people who are wired differently than they are. It’s an artful mix of data-based tools, persuasion techniques, and embracing healthy tension to get people working together. And in most situations, the coaching includes strategies for how to influence up, down, and across the organization.

Explore the other challenges leaders
just like you face every day.


You have specific needs and you want options – here’s how we work:

Whether you need to fix a problem or accelerate growth, our first priority is to ask good questions and listen.
You can expect Good, Better, and Best options – with clear and simple pricing.

Good Leadership Enterprises is a general contracting business model with nearly a dozen coaches and a wide variety of expertise.
Your team will be built for what you need, when you need it. We have feet-on-the-street in the Midwest, East, and West coasts – and travel internationally for global clients.

Individual and
Team Coaching

Not all coaching is created equal – Good Leadership clients receive a rich bundle of coaching activity that involves the leader’s team, and access to a toolkit of more than 100 proprietary tools. Organizations are leaner and flatter, find a coach here to help you thrive.


Good Leadership

Good Leadership Training workshops are fun, facilitated experiences in which emerging leaders challenge each other and grow using the same tools and concepts from the firm’s executive coaching services.


Team Momentum

The survey provides a research-based, data-driven picture that reveals where your team’s momentum is strong and where it breaks down. The team receives a customized, actionable report with specific recommendations on how to improve results.


“Good Leadership Coaching was the intervention I needed to get our once-in-a-lifetime project back on track. I learned how to keep the stress and noise away from my team, and how to influence business leaders to help us all succeed.”

– Monte Nuckols, Vice President IT
ERP Transformation at Adient

4 out of every 5 leaders surveyed state they believe Goodness pays, yet less that half are satisfied with the business results they’re getting.

We know how to achieve consistently positive business results through relationships
where people feel like they are thriving together.

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