This is an exciting week around the hallways of Good Leadership. After pivoting to an online broadcast format for more than 18 months, the Good Leadership Breakfast is venturing back into a ballroom this week. Through the encouragement of sponsors, clients, and friends, a new cast of characters is experimenting with a new format and a new venue.

Lights, camera, action!

Through this blog next Tuesday, we will share a recording of the event, featuring Alison Brown, CEO of the Science Museum of Minnesota, as the speaker. Alison answered the call with excitement and courage – agreeing to engage with a live audience and to beta-test this new model of the Good Leadership Breakfast.



What’s the value of encouragement?

Finding our way during Covid has been an artful mix of “who” we listen to, and “how

” we listen to their point of view. Everyone is getting tired of the cautious Covid-conscious lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean resuming to “normal” is a foregone conclusion. Both Alison and I were influenced to create a live, in-person event by the steady encouragement of people we respect and admire. So we’re excited to try!

The program will include:

  • A return to the Seven Fs Wheel as a self-reflective development exercise
  • Audience response research to inform the Good Leadership point of view
  • An in-depth discussion on the three Success Habits of our speaker, Alison Brown:
    • Creating one purpose and vision for your senior team
    • Alison’s “orbit” practice to share high-level info with staff
    • The impact of doing things together outside of work
  • Charitable giving through the return of the Bucket of Good Will

Watch this blog next week and Good Leadership social media channels to preview what’s coming back into the ballroom beginning March of 2022. And thank you for your encouragement.