Good Leadership for Bright Futures.

College is more than classes.

It’s about building skills that students will use for the rest of their lives. Personal leadership, collaboration, and decision-making are hard to teach, and harder to measure. Too often, opportunities to learn those lessons are overshadowed by stress and fear – rather than being buoyed by excellence, generosity, fairness, and positivity. That’s why we created powerful tools to develop the skills that support people for the rest of their lives and discover the confidence to live a life they love.

Good Leadership University is:

Speeches, trainings, and toolkits energize your students’ leadership, build resilience, and spread positivity. When student leaders radiate goodness, goodness grows! And the whole campus feels the impact. Good Leadership University tools help students:

  • Face challenges with positivity and resilience.
  • Grow confidence.
  • Identify people who are critical to growth.
  • Identify and set goals for personal development.
  • Take steps toward personal and professional success.
  • Blend Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Friends, Fun, and Future to increase satisfaction in the most important areas of personal and professional life.




Bring Good Leadership University to your campus and help student leaders thrive!

This program is ideal for:

Athletic Teams and Captains

Help students’ individual strengths increase team effectiveness and performance. Build positive momentum together to achieve great results this season!

Resident Assistants and Student Organizations

From Greek Life to Residence Life and everything in between, build a compelling vision together and hone professional leadership skills that will take students beyond their undergraduate degree.

Rising Leaders

Develop personal leadership and radiate goodness in all situations. Understand and embrace the Cornerstones of Goodness to strengthen motivation and achievement.


Listen to what students are saying:

GLU encouraged me to look inside myself to recognize my potential!
Hannah W., Winona State University
Thank you for shaking our traditional training! Please come back in the years to follow. You made us laugh as well as learn together!
Adele H., Winona State University

Help your students radiate goodness, today and everyday!

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