Wednesday Webinars

Now is not the time to pull back on supporting,
nurturing, and inspiring your leaders.

Our FREE Wednesday Webinar series helps leaders grow and stay positive while being forced to work through social isolation.
We’re doing our public service by making the Good Leadership tools and coaching models available through the Coronavirus scare.

Wednesday mornings starting at 8:55 AM on GoToWebinar

Upcoming Webinars

There are currently no upcoming webinars.
If you are interested in watching one of the past webinars, contact and they can be sent to you.

Previous Webinars

Check Out Our First Webinar:

March 25, 2020
Leading through Change and Loss
Helping people grow while working alone

Other Topics Include:

April 1, 2020
Aspirational Thinking
How to Improve Your Life and Leadership
April 8, 2020
Great Results
Building a team where people thrive together
April 15, 2020
Coaching and Developing Others
Becoming a better coach for your colleagues
April 22, 2020
Preparing for the Upturn
Aligning your Vision for Growth
April 29, 2020
From Disruption to Transformation
How to accelerate progress toward your Big Opportunity
May 6, 2020
How Goodness Pays
The pathway to Better Results, Faster
Leveraging the How Goodness Pays Research to help people thrive together
May 13, 2020
Leadership Expectations for Goodness
How your leaders can be the difference for your team

Interested in a series of webinars tailored specifically for your organization?

Customized options include the above workshops along with:

Measuring What Matters in Good Leadership | Applying the Ten Predictors for How Goodness Pays
Personal Accountability Groups | How good leaders thrive together

Contact Erin at to get started.