Yep, it’s true…my 200th blog today! It’s cold outside, but its a good climate for growing inside the Good Leadership Enterprises office in Minnesota.

Today, you are reading my 200th blog. Yep, 200 weeks in a row.  This morning the phrase “Eat or be food” is on my mind. Please let me explain:

My good friend eBob planted the pesky Eat or be food earworm into my brain more than a decade ago. It’s catchy. It’s clever in the way the phrase weaves together the insights of Darwin (survival of the fittest), Einstein (a body at rest will stay at rest) and the Carpe Diem (Seize the day) message I often espouse.

Why do I commit the time and energy into writing the Good Leadership Today blog every week, without the slightest guarantee that anyone will read it? I guess I don’t want to be food!

Carving out a piece of the American economy to make a living as an author, speaker and executive coach is definitely a Darwinistic endeavor. Four years ago, we started with nothing but a business card and a point of view. Eat or be food.

As we grew under the radar, Einstein would be impressed in how the people around us kept the momentum moving forward. One person, one meeting, one sponsor, one client…one blog at a time. Thousands of readers today are keeping the movement alive.  Eat or be food.

It’s fitting that #200 comes on the first official blog day of the New Year. So in the spirit of Carpe Diem, what are we doing to keep eating this year?

Erin Wilken joins our team this week as our Marketing & Client Development Partner. I hope you meet her soon!

Yesterday, Erin Wilken joined the Good Leadership Enterprises team as our Marketing & Client Development Partner. She’s smart, exceptionally talented and  fun to be around. I will write about her very soon.

This Thursday, January 9, I’m participating in the Nationally Speaking speaker showcase: where more than 100 meeting planners will gather to hear 10 minute samples of professional speakers.  I intend to share the story behind the goodness movement and help them sample the magic of the Seven Fs Wheel.

The next day, Friday, January 10, we are graduating the very first class in the Good Leadership Certification program. With the help of our sponsor, Lurie Besikof Lapidus & Company, we will be offering twenty four (24) $500 scholarships for next year’s program.

I’ll be wearing my fancy red jacket on Valentine’s Day: made by my good friend and tailor, King Bavender.

Valentines Day is the simultaneous kick-off for the 2014 Good Leadership Breakfast Series and the Spring 2014 Good Leadership Certification programs. Cargill is our presenting sponsor again, and that’s all good!

That same day: February 14, is the launch of my first FR** e-Book – we are distributing for $0 on, Barnes &, the iBook store and – our strategy is to make it easy for people like you to help spread the word about the Seven Fs and how Goodness Grows. I’ll write about that later as well.

We’d appreciate your help in spreading the word, because we don’t want to be food.

Good leaders make a habit of planning for growth to stay healthy and alive – personally and professionally. And we keep moving forward, one person, one meeting, one sponsor, one client…one blog at a time.

What does ‘eat or be food’ mean to you this year?