Mark Bergman is a hero and a role model for everyone who’s had that “million dollar idea.” Come hear the story of the HANDy Paint Pail.

We all fantasize about winning the lottery. It’s so fun to dream out loud about how we would spend our millions.  “Winning it big” is a part of the American tapestry.  For most, it’s a fantasy.

Here’s a real-life question for you: What have you done with your “million dollar idea?”

Everyone needs to meet Mark Bergman, the inventor of the HANDy Paint Pail. He’s the speaker at the kickoff of the Good Leadership Breakfast 2013 series this Friday. When you attend, you will be in the presence of a role model for every good leader who has had a bright idea.  He’s a hero because of how he’s building his business and spreading goodness.

“It all started because my hand got tired painting all day in our remodeled basement,” he’s explained a thousand times. That’s how the multimillion dollar HANDy Paint Products enterprise began.  Here’s the story in one sentence: Mark used duct tape to make a handle for a coffee can, put cardboard on the edge to scrape extra paint and a magnet on the inside of the can to keep the brush from resting in the paint…a powerful collection of simple ideas. Any one of us could do that!

Mark Bergman, good leader who is spreading goodness through the painting industry.

Carpe Diem: but then he hired a lawyer to file a patent, convinced his wife to spend their own money on an expensive plastic mold and started making sales calls to paint retailers all over the world.  How many of us are willing to do that!?

Today, the HANDy Paint Pail is reaching cult status. Recently, his team sponsored a “Film Festival” awarding cash to amateur film makers who featured the HANDy Paint Pail…Check it out here.

Mark is building a beautiful business with two of his kids in critical roles.  He’s teaching them the principles of Goodness: excellence, fairness, positivity…and generosity. Since 2009, the bright red HANDy Paint Pail has been the centerpiece on the tables at the Good Leadership Breakfast.  With Mark matching all of the proceeds, together we’ve gifted more than $34,000 to our favorite charitable organizations. Thank goodness!

Good leaders make a habit of dreaming out loud about what’s possible. And they take the important steps to move the million dollar ideas forward: little by little, one day at a time…to keep the hope alive of someday “winning it big”.

Come join us at the Good Leadership Breakfast this Friday and participate in the roundtable discussion about how we can help you advance your million dollar idea.

Drop me a note: what would you do if you knew you could not fail?