Santa looks handsome in his fancy red suit because he has a magician tailor.

Santa Claus is a great example of the clothes make the man. Can you imagine ‘ol St. Nick in an Izod golf shirt and a pair of khakis?  Would that motivate you to sing for joy?

There has to be a really talented tailor on the North Pole who meticulously fits that brilliant red velvet suit to his belly that shakes like a bowl full of jelly.

Let’s just say I understand Santa’s problem: my belly isn’t the issue, I’m a shrimp!  At 5’ 6,” I can’t buy anything ‘off the rack’ except socks and underwear.  Case in point: last week my daughter and I were in the Lucky store in Pasadena, California. I tried my hardest to spend a couple hundred bucks to be more fashionable…but they didn’t even have one pair of jeans short enough for me. I laugh about my shrimpiness, because at least small people like me are comfortable on airplanes.

King Bavender is the magic tailor who makes my swanky clothes. He knows how to make me feel tall and handsome.

When I decided to become a professional speaker, it was obvious I needed a magical tailor to help me feel tall and handsome. Enter King Bavender.  Yes, his name really is “King” and unlike Santa, he’s the real deal.

Earlier in my career I didn’t have the patience to be a good shopper, so I bought a lot of stuff on impulse.  I didn’t think I could afford to pay a magician to make my clothes.  But King persisted.  Then one day, I looked into my closet and saw at least a dozen suits, sport coats and pants that just didn’t fit.  The total dollar value of those “error buys” would have made a couple of house payments.

Fast forward to last week: I was the keynote speaker at a banker’s conference in California. I bounced up on stage wearing my custom-tailored purple sport coat with a white shirt and yellow handkerchief.

Joseph Otting (left) invited my daughter Anna to hear me speak at his conference: We joked about my magical purple speaking jacket: made by the King.

In the introduction, the client thanked me for wearing my “LA Lakers outfit.” Heck no…I replied…King Bavender made me a proud Vikings outfit! The audience got a good laugh. (That’s good for a speaker.)

Loyal readers of this blog know I haven’t been feeling well lately. Over the past couple weeks, I have especially appreciated the extra energy boost when I wear my magic Bavender clothes. Santa understands.

King Bavender made my gold tuxedo jacket. Dontcha think it’s smashing?

If you are tempted to think the King only helps men, don’t be shy…he works his magic with women’s clothes as well.  I couldn’t be happier and I’m excited to show you what he has planned for me this spring!

Good leaders make a habit of looking in the mirror and accepting the reality of what they see.  And they work with people they trust to help them look and feel their very best.

If you are searching for a magical gift for that special someone…check out King Bavender.

Then, drop me a note and tell me what you think of the purple jacket!