Our daughter, Kathryn Anne Batz, graduated Summa Cum Laude, from Gustavus Adolphus College this past Sunday. What an amazing day!

When students graduate from New York University, the ceremony is held at Yankee Stadium. That’s the second coolest place in America to hold graduation.  Hollingsworth Field, in St. Peter, Minnesota is the coolest. That was confirmed again this past weekend.

I’m still beaming from watching my daughter Katie walk across the graduation stage this past Sunday. She graduated Summa Cum Laude (which means smarty-pants) from Gustavus Adolphus College. It was amazing!

Children and graduation was the subject of a breakfast meeting I shared this past Thursday with Jodi Harpstead.  A client and friend, Jodi recently traveled to New York City for the New York University post-graduate graduation ceremonies for her daughter. She attended the all-majors ceremony in Yankee Stadium!

The purple graduation robes from NYU blanket the seats in historic Yankee Stadium – one of them is Circus major Sonja Harpstead.

We marveled at how life unfolds for our children: “One minute you think they are headed to medical school and then they go off to join the circus,” Jodi laughed. Sonja Harpstead put that u-turn on her parents a few years ago. Last month she walked across the stage with an individualized Masters degree in Circus as a Medium for Social Change. She is headstrong determined to improve the lives of children through the circus. “That’s amazing!” was my reply…and I thought, I wonder… where is my daughter headed?

The graduation cap toss on Hollingsworth Field affirmed this as the coolest place in America to host graduation ceremonies.

Kathryn Anne Batz earned better grades in college than in high school. That’s amazing, but I’m more proud that Katie understands blending the Seven Fs: faith, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun and future. As the two year co-president of the Campus Activities Board, she definitely found her calling. She effectively learned to blend her work responsibilities with coursework in Communication Studies and her role in the Gustavus Choir. She built a circle of friends for support and encouragement and she handled her money well enough to party to the end! With the most powerful forces in her life aligned and moving in the right direction, she achieved the highest academic honors…amazing!

Melinda and I are so grateful for the thousands of staff, students and parents who helped Katie become the good leader she is today. Amazing!

At both NYU and Gustavus, the college Presidents took pause to celebrate the thousands of people who work behind the scenes to produce a college graduate. Everyone from the cooks to chaplain, grounds crew to provost, parents to professors, security guards to board of directors worked together to produce eager graduates filled with the promise of changing the world. Amazing!

Good leaders make a habit of stopping to celebrate the amazing moments of their journey.  And they give thanks for the thousands of people working together to make amazing things possible in our lives.

Please share with us: what was amazing about your weekend?