Don Shelby (center) was the final speaker of the 2013 Good Leadership Breakfast Series. He and I are pictured here with our clothier, King Bavender.

The propaganda for the Good Leadership Breakfast Series claims: “Inspiration stronger than your morning espresso.” With standing room only attendance, the 200+ guests who attended last week’s highly-caffeinated meeting featuring Don Shelby were not disappointed.

When good leaders get together with good intentions, great things are possible! The November meeting ended our fourth season, lifting up speakers who are good leaders who radiate goodness.  Please join me in showing your appreciation for the good leaders at Cargill for being our presenting sponsor, and all of the sponsors who help fuel the movement.

This blog is a quick look back at the speakers who inspired us in 2013.  Click through to see a summary:

Mark Bergman – Inventor and President, HANDy Paint Pail Products

Walter Chesley – Senior HR Executive & Global Philanthropist

Brad Von bank & Kristin Pardue – Co-Founders Rêve Consulting

Kurt Kwan – Actor, Educator & Facilitator for Breaking Ice Theatre Company

Matt Norman – President, Dale Carnegie Training, North Central US

Jennifer Amys, Founder, CEO, UpNet Technologies

Kevin Warren, EVP, Minnesota Vikings

Don Shelby, retired TV anchor and environmental journalist.

So how do we know we are doing any good?  With the help of these strong speakers, more than 1500 ticketed guests participated in the Good Leadership Breakfast Series.

As of November 15, 2013, we have collectively contributed just shy of $60,000 to charities through the Bucket of Good Will. And that feels good!

And over the past four years, we’ve contributed nearly $60,000 to charities with money raised through the Bucket of Good Will: more than $25,000 this year alone.

Momentum is building for the continuation of the Good Leadership Certification program and we expect to launch more Good Leadership Happy Hours next year.

Most important, we will be forming a board of directors for the Good Leadership Foundation, to advance the altruistic strategies for spreading goodness in leadership and business.

Good leaders make a habit to look back and count their blessings.  And we deliberately hang out with people who inspire us to good leadership.

Will we see you next year? Please share with me: who do you think would be a good speaker next year at the Good Leadership Breakfast?