Teresa Daly is the co-host of the 2013 Fall Good Leadership Breakfast Series. Her role is to help you feel welcome.

Some people just have the knack. You know, the ability to create that magnetic mood of excitement with chocolate chip cookie warmth at the same time. In the business world, it’s important for guests and customers to feel welcome.

I’m so pleased to introduce you to a person who excels in welcome rituals: Teresa Daly is the co-host for the 2013 Fall series of the Good Leadership Breakfast.  She’s a great fit because her expertise is helping strong leaders build positive momentum toward the next big thing in their careers. And she wears contagious enthusiasm, curiosity and a warm smile.

“I’ve always found so much joy in meeting new people – hearing their story and helping them find their way forward,” she says warmly.  No surprise – that’s what she does for a living.

Mary Kloehn (left) is loaning out her partner Teresa Daly to be the co-host of the Good Leadership Breakfast this Fall. Join us and you are sure to feel welcome.

Teresa and her best friend Mary Kloehn are co-founders of Navigate Forward, a firm raising the bar in the executive transitions business. Their boutique firm is turning heads because they are growing like sunflowers, cross-pollinating good leaders and spreading their good fortune across charities all around town. It’s the perfect blending of personal and professional altruism.

Teresa and her husband Greg Konat, sharing the life they imagine – living in the state of gratitude.

Her welcome mat is so inviting because she comes by her work through honest life experiences: corporate HR, executive consulting roles, President of a leadership firm and an ambitious run for political office. She connects with you and me because she knows what it means to be knocked down and get back up again. She lives and breathes the blended Seven Fs lifestyle and she knows how to keep moving forward.

“I’m excited to be a part of the Good Leadership movement, because deep down inside I believe leadership is about ‘showing up’ ” Teresa reflected. “You can’t grow or build community by just watching. The Good Leadership Breakfast is one of the best places in town to show up and get involved.”

Join us for the 2013 Fall Good Leadership Breakfast series and you will be warmly welcomed by Teresa Daly.

Good leaders make a habit of warmly welcoming new people into their lives.  And they play an active role in helping peers, customers and colleagues navigate toward the future they imagine.

Who in your life makes you feel welcomed and what’s their secret?