Oscar, Tony and Emmy are awards of excellence in the entertainment industry. Long after the ball gowns, red carpet and champagne,  recipients cherish the nomination because it represents the highest honor by their peers.

Yesterday, Anna Mary Batz cherished her moment during homecoming coronation at our local high school. She was thrilled to be nominated by her peers for the qualities of leadership, character and role modeling the values of Bloomington Jefferson High School. (The picture is below.)

Now’s your chance to nominate one of your peers for a high honor: our friends at Minnesota Business are so enthusiastic about the momentum of the Good Leadership movement they created the “Good Leader of the Year” award this year. Goodness grows!

You can nominate the Good Leader of the Year award winner!

We are counting on you to identify and nominate a leader in your life who radiates goodness by consistently rewarding excellence, living generously, promoting fairness and spreading positivity. These are the irresistible principles we all expect today from good leaders. The nomination form is right here.

With your nomination, you will receive a special invitation to join the festivities at the Minnesota Business Community Impact Awards dinner in February of 2014. This will be the second year for me as the Master of Ceremonies – I can’t wait to lift up the good leaders in our community, and open the envelope with those famous words: …and the winner is!

Good leaders make a habit of recognizing the excellence, generosity, fairness and positivity in others. And we spread good leadership by celebrating the goodness we see in our peers.

Will you share with me: who is a good leader, worthy of consideration for the Good Leader of the Year? The nomination form is here.

Here’s the picture I promised: Anna Batz is wearing emerald green and a satisfying grin.

The 2013 Bloomington Jefferson High School senior girls, nominated for the Homecoming court.